The job market is not extraordinary at the moment, it’s the least we can say. Especially in France where unemployment has been on the rise for years now with a figure well over 10%, almost twice as much as in the US or Germany. I see so many lone runners during week days that it makes me wonder how many are in this situation. It gave me the idea to create a community based on the most universal sport there is: running.

Anyone is welcome to join. Beginner runners to more advanced ones. It’s easy to program customized workouts around the lake or around the Eiffel Tower. New rendez vous points have opened elsewhere too. The goal is to meet people during the week while energizing yourself in the morning.  You can just run or better yet exchange search tips, contacts, grow your circle. Let’s rise and shine.

My name is Alex. I studied in Europe, in the US and in France. I’ve been working in small startups as well as in large corporations, in the industry, communications and new technologies. Sports has always been part of my life. Especially skiing and mountain climbing. I edit the newsletter SkiNews. I have been running since elementary school and participated in diverse races: cross country, half and full marathons, triathlons… I am looking forward to meeting you!


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